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Claire Foster Memorial Fund

The Claire Foster Memorial Fund was set up in 2009 in memory of our dear friend and colleague, Claire. The purpose of the Fund is to act as a vehicle through which the employees of The Albatross Group can channel their fundraising and charitable activities within the UK.

To date, the fund has raised over £61,000 for charities and good causes in the UK and continues to go from strength to strength.

Claire Foster was an inspiration to everyone who knew her. She was a friendly, bubbly girl with a heart of gold who always made time for people. She was always smiling, loved to chat and had an amazing memory. She never forgot a birthday, a phone number, or a postcode (bizarrely!) and always displayed a genuine interest in everyone she met.

Claire started working for The Albatross Travel Group in April 1999 as full time Operations Coordinator.

She quickly became an integral part of the team and she worked extremely hard for a good few years until one day she called in sick, which was very rare for Claire. At this time she was very poorly with, what was diagnosed at the time as, ME. After 6 months off Claire returned to the Ops department on a part time basis. Despite still being in pain a lot of the time and struggling to get through the day, she returned as the same smiley, happy Claire that we all knew and everyone was so glad to have her back.

Unfortunately Claire’s health took another turn for the worse in May 2006 and eventually, after many tests and misdiagnosis she was found to have a very rare illness called P.O.E.M.S syndrome. In February 2007 we sadly lost Claire to this. Despite being extremely ill and not being able to move around much prior to her death, Claire still managed to smile and crack the odd joke and her loss was felt deeply by everyone who knew her.

Claire’s life was short, she was just 30 when she died, but her impact was great and she will never be forgotten by anyone who knew her. This Memorial fund has been set up in tribute to Claire’s generous nature so that we can give to people who need it in the name of someone who gave so much to us.

For more information on the Fund and its work, please visit  You can also find us on social media, follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.