What Our People Say

“I really enjoy the variety of my job – no two days are really the same. I also enjoy working in a team who are all striving for the same thing, delivery of great content.” Jill G – Joined 2018


“I still find my job as interesting and rewarding as ever! The team is extremely focused on providing the best levels of service and committed to working with our clients to ensure their passengers have the best possible holiday experience. This what makes this job so special.” Claire D – Joined 2006


“I had a new member of staff sat next to me at the gala dinner and all she kept saying to me was I have to keep pinching myself that I have landed myself a job with a company as fantastic as Albatross. I think this is a great achievement and the company and staff should feel very proud.” Convention Feedback Survey 2014


“I have always felt that what I do is valued and feel that I am rewarded for this with the faith that people have in me” Reward & Recognition Survey 2022


“The only thing I want to say is take a look at other what other companies offer, it will be a quick look, ’cause they don’t even come close to Albatross.” Reward & Recognition Survey 2014