Employee Engagement

At its simplest, engaging our employees is all about creating an organisation that clearly aligns the skills and aspirations of its People with those of the business to create a great place to work that is vibrant, challenging, rewarding, motivational and fun. Above all, it is about making everyone successful

We have a dedicated Employee Engagement Team to ensure that we are all committed to the Company’s goals and Values, that we are all motivated to contribute to the success of the Company, and at the same time are able to enhance our own personal goals and Values.

We work continuously with our People to engage them and regularly conduct surveys and take other measures to assess how well we are doing. With our current engagement scores at over 80%, we can confidently say that our People are entirely committed to making Albatross – and themselves – successful in every way!

For more information on the theory behind Employee Engagement, why not visit www.engageforsuccess.com