Our People Strategy

The Albatross Group People Strategy is all about Our People owning their own future

Our strategy enables us to ensure that whichever part of the Albatross Group you work for, and whoever your manager is, you will go through the same process, and have access to the same opportunities as everyone else.

Job Roles

Here at Albatross, we don’t leave anything to chance. Every employee within the Group has a clearly defined job role, created at recruitment stage, to manage expectations and ensure we are all aware of the role we are taking on, and what is expected of us. Our standard job role documents are reviewed every 12 months as a minimum and include:

Brief description of the role
Competencies for success
Major responsibilities (core areas of work)
What success looks like
Key performance Indicators
Key stakeholders




Performance Management

Personal Development: Regular reviews for new starter and those that transfer internally transfer, regular 121’s, annual and bi-annual reviews all take place to ensure expectations are managed for both the employee and the company. This also allows us to develop Our People not only in their current role but also with an eye on their future career development.

Our People Behaviours: We provide clear guidelines on how we expect all our People to interact with each other, and all our key stakeholders.

Our Leadership Approach. A specific and strategic approach around trust and empowerment, supported by management to ensure all our People are set up to succeed.



Talent Management

As part of our performance management programme we are constantly assessing how our People are doing against expectations for the role that they are performing and how much untapped potential each person might have. This enables us to work with our People to manage career aspirations, and to make sure we know the skills and abilities we have available to keep our People challenged, engaged and motivated.

Our approach to Talent Management enables us to see where our talent lies, and where we need to encourage and develop our People to ensure their success, and that of the Group. It also helps identify training and development opportunities, and assists with succession planning. .


Training and Development

Successful identification of training and development needs allows us to properly link training to predicted and required potential to meet our business outcomes. All new starters undertake a comprehensive training and induction programme and that opportunity to train and learn new skills continues throughout your time with Albatross. In fact we have an unlimited training budget – If there’s a business need, well authorise it!

We believe firmly in developing our People and rewarding those who work hard and invest their time and energy in contributing to our success. None of our Board members joined in their current role, and over half our Operational Delivery Team have been developed from within. We have also regularly created new senior and management roles over the years to facilitate the continued development of some of our junior and middle managers.


Reward & Recognition

We like to ensure we are paying competitive salaries for all positions. After all we want above average people on our team!

Furthermore our benefits package also includes:
Enhanced holiday aligned with length of service
Provision of refreshments
Ride to work scheme
Eye care vouchers
Flu vaccinations
Funded Social events
Concessions on Albatross Product
Pension Contributions
Childcare Vouchers

Below are examples of some of the ways in which we recognise Our People:

Public Recognition in the office, or across teams.
Team Recognition by Line Manager within team meetings
Chief Executive’s Regular Updates
Ad-Hoc thank you gifts like seasonal treats or the very popular chip lunch!
Peer/Colleague appraisals