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The Principles of our Success

We will invest wisely and do everything possible to ensure that our businesses, our people, our products and our services are always distinctive, innovative and excellent and that the rewards of our success are shared fairly with our staff.

In turn, we will ask our people to ‘live’ our Core Values whilst expecting them to display real commitment and a shared desire to achieve our commercial objectives

As a business, we will also make sure that we are bold in our outlook, confident in our abilities and prepared for new opportunities as and when they occur, whilst managing risk prudently and ensuring that our planning and reporting systems are as robust as possible.

We will manage our finances wisely and manage realistically the expectations of our shareholders, employees, bankers and other key stakeholders. We will not be afraid to communicate bad news or to act decisively in the face of fresh challenges that we may encounter with our businesses, our people or our products

We will display the humility to respect our competitors and those others that we come into contact with along with an honest sense of self-awareness and a willingness to admit and learn from our mistakes and shortcomings. We will be resilient when we encounter setbacks and display a keen willingness to adapt our approach in order to achieve success

We will ensure that we are recognised as leaders and innovators within our marketplaces and as people that are fun to be around and fun to work with

Above all else, we will not allow ourselves to be satisfied with second best and so will always display a burning desire to succeed and win!