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Who owns The Albatross Group?
The Albatross Group is privately owned by its directors, click here for more information.

How long has The Albatross Group been in business?
The Group was founded in 1985 and has been trading profitably every year since.

How financially secure is The Albatross Group?
The Group and its companies comply with all of the relevant local bonding and financial security requirements in the territories within which it operates

How many people does The Albatross Group employ?
92 as of August 2023

Do Albatross companies only handle groups, or do they also work with individuals?
Albatross companies only handle group travel and tourism. Unfortunately, we do not currently work with individual travellers directly

How can I work with The Albatross Group?
Get in touch!

What destinations does The Albatross Group sell?
We primarily focus on destinations in the UK, Ireland and Western & Central Europe but do occasionally also operate groups to other destinations including North America, New Zealand and South Africa

I am a supplier interested in working with Albatross on an FIT rather than group basis. Can I do this?
Unfortunately not. At this time, all of our business is focused on group tourism – although our minimum numbers can be as few as 10 people

Can Albatross help with flight bookings?
We offer flight arrangements for our clients if their group booking requires it, but not for individuals

Where does the name Albatross come from and why?
When the original founders were looking to set up the business, they were working in partnership with friends in France and Austria and they were looking for a name that started with A and that was roughly the same in French, German and English….hence Albatross

Doesn’t an Albatross bring bad luck?
Only if you shoot it…as in the Tale of the Ancient Mariner! Otherwise, the Albatross can fly further than any other bird without ‘refuelling’ and they have been around for a hundred times longer than human beings – so they are well known for their endurance and tenacity!

How many groups does The Albatross Group handle each year?
Over 6,000